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2019 NBA All-Star Draft Results.

First Round: 1st: Kevin Durant (Team LeBron) 2nd: Stephen Curry (Team Giannis) 3rd: Kyrie Irving (Team LeBron) 4th: Joel Embiid (Team Giannis) 5th: Kawhi Leonard (Team LeBron) 6th: Paul George (Team Giannis) 7th: James Harden (Team LeBron) 8th: Kemba Walker (Team Giannis)

Second Round: 9th: Khris Middleton (Team Giannis) 10th: Anthony Davis (Team LeBron) 11th: Nikola Jokic (Team Giannis) 12th: Klay Thompson (Team LeBron) 13th: Ben Simmons (Team Giannis)* 14th: Damian Lillard (Team LeBron) 15th: Blake Griffin (Team Giannis) 16th: Russell Westbrook (Team LeBron)* 17th: D’Angelo Russell (Team Giannis) 18th: LaMarcus Aldridge (Team LeBron) 19th: Nikola Vucevic (Team Giannis) 20th: Karl-Anthony Towns (Team LeBron) 21st: Kyle Lowry (Team Giannis) 22nd: Bradley Beal (Team LeBron)

Third Round: 23rd: Dwyane Wade (Team LeBron) 24th: Dirk Nowitzki (Team Giannis) *There was a trade after the draft, with Ben Simmons going to Team LeBron and Russell Westbrook going to Team Giannis

Full Draft Results: Team LeBron • Starters: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden • Reserves: Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, Ben Simmons, LeMarcus Aldridge, Karl-Anthony Towns, Bradley Beal, Dwyane Wade

Team Giannis • Starters: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid, Paul George, Kemba Walker • Reserves: Khris Middleton, Nikola Jokic, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, D’Angelo Russell, Nikola Vucevic, Kyle Lowry, Dirk Nowitzki

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