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In what was one of the most highly-anticipated bouts of the year, Danny Garcia took on Shawn Porter for the vacant WBC welterweight title that was vacated by Keith Thurman after being inactive due to injury setbacks. It was a fight that most critics had difficulty predicting heading into the fight. For Garcia, he was hoping to regain the WBC belt he lost to Keith Thurman and for Porter, it was an attempt for him to sketch his name amongst the many great welterweights that have held what is considered the most prestigious crown of all the sanctioning bodies.

Round 1 was a typical feel out round with Garcia trying to jab the body and Porter actually being the counter puncher of the two. Porter who is normally an aggressor was content being on the outside. Round 2 saw them moving a little less. Still a feeling out process but their was less movement from the two and more standing in the center of the ring. Garcia kept his jab at work while Porter looked for a way inside. Danny was able to land a left hook in the round that may have stole it for him. Porter started round 3 with a little more agression. But it wasn't the same activity at this point that we were used to seeing from him. It was Garcia who had Porter moving backwards, but alot more wrestling ensued in the round as well. Porter was a little more effective in the round as his activity picked up a bit and he took more chances.

Round 4 showed the Porter we were used to seeing with higher volume and physicality. Garcia looked as Porter attacked throughout the round. Porter switched stances in round 4 between orthodox and southpaw. Garcia appeared to be looking for the straight right early in the round but was not able to land it. He was able to land some body shots that put Porter back on the outside and had him moving backward. Porter was still showing more composure going into round 6. Not the bullrushing style we were used to. But he did let loose when the two got close on the inside. However it was still Garcia moving forward. Porter grinded to the body of Garcia hard in round 6 while Danny landed very little to counter it.

Round 7 saw Porter still active on his toes. Unleashing 1-2 combos as Danny missed shots up top. Porter finally had Garcia moving backward. Garcia was able to get Porter on the ropes and land effective body shots. However Porter's output seemed to be starting to tell the difference in these close to score rounds. Garcia pressed the action in the beginning of round 8 but was unable to land anything significant as Porter bombed away. Porter began taking more chances as he appeared more confident in the round.

Round 9 saw Porter utilizing his speed against the patient Garcia. It was a more effective round for Garcia who was able to land a few left hooks as Porter tried to bully his way inside. Porter attempted to move forward in round 10 and be the aggressor. It was a more effective approach for him as he was able to fluster Garcia and pepper him with shots on the inside. He landed a huge left hook in the round and followed it up with left hooks to the body of Garcia. Round 11 began with both posturing. Porter landed a leaping left hook midway in the round and a flush right hand up top moments later. It was a very close round to score but Porter landed the superior shots. Porter let his hands go in round 12 as he continued to bounce on his toes. Garcia was only able to land to the body in the round. Garcia attempted a last minute flurry but it was unknown if it was too little too late for the former 2-division champion.

Final compubox stats saw Porter throwing almost 300 more punches than Garcia and one could only wonder if that would be the difference in the fight. Final scorecards ruled in favor of Shawn Porter by unanimous decision as he claimed his second world title in the welterweight division. Errol Spence Jr. entered the ring as Porter conducted his post fight interview with Jim Lampley and Porter let it be known he would be ready to square off against Spence in 2019.

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