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Gregg Popovich "It's Easier For White People Because We Haven't Lived That Experience.&

Legendary San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Greg Popovich was asked about the current social issues that are going on here in the United States. He referred to discussions about race as being the elephant in the room, due to that discussion not being something that people don't particularly like talking about. When asked about San Francisco 49er's Quarterback Colin Kaepernicks National Protest, Coach Pop said the following.

"What's really interesting is the people that jump right away to say, one is attacking the police, or the people that jump on the other side, it's a question where understanding and empathy has to trump, no pun intended, has to trump any quick reactions of an ideological or demagogical nature." said Poppivich

Poppivich also delved into the different issues that black & white parents face when giving advice to their kids in regard to interactions that they may encounter with the police.

"It's easier for white people because we haven't lived that experience. It's difficult for many white people to understand the day-to-day feeling that many black people have to deal with. I didn't talk to my kids about how to act in front of a policeman when you get stopped. I didn't have to do that. All of my black friends have done that. There's something that's wrong about that, and we all know that."

Greg Poppivich has no objection to any players that decide to kneel during the anthem.

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