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Roman Gonzalez Conquers His 4th Weight Class In Decision Win Over Cuadras.

Roman Gonzalez made good on his pledge to honor his late mentor Alexis Arguello Saturday night. In front of an attendance of 6,714 onlookers at the Inglewood Forum, the boxer affectionately known as Chocalitito captured his fourth world title in a fourth weight class by defeating Carlos Cuadras via unanimous decision to earn the WBC super flyweight championship.

It was an exciting fight, as fans definitely got their moneys worth in an all-action bout from start to finish. The two combatants started the fight in a traditional feel-out round with Cuadras using his jab and Gonzalez trying to gauge the timing of his opponent. The pace of the fight picked up over the next few rounds as Chocalitito went into his typical high-pressure, swarming style. Cuadras tried to keep his opponent off of him by using ring generalship but found himself against the ropes on a few occasions and on the receiving end of combinations from Gonzalez.

Gonzalez's pressure definitely had Cuadras stifled for the first quarter of the fight, but momentum began to shift in the middle rounds and Cuadras was able to unleash combinations of his own against Chocalitito. There were a lot of very close rounds throughout the fight. But in the end, all judges ruled in favor of Gonzalez who seemed to push the action more over the duration of the fight.

Gonzalez, widely considered the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world at the moment, moves his record to 46-0 (38 KOs). Many suspect that Chocalitito will next take on Naoya "Monster" Inoue of Japan who was in attendance for the fight. It would definitely be a great fight and would further cement Gonzalez's legacy in boxing history if victorious. However, Gonzalez will most likely require some time off after receiving a few cuts in this contest with Cuadras.

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