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Kevin Durant Was Asked If He's Still Friends With Russell Westbrook

During a Q&A session Kevin Durant was asked about the status of his relationship with Russell Westbrook. "How has your relationship with Russell Westbrook changed?' Asked the kid, as one could imagine the crowd erupted. Durant first responded by saying "What is this, Jerry Springer ?"

Kevin then proceeded to provide a more serious answer. "We're still cool. We're going to compete against each other at the highest level. We're gonna have fun against each other. We're still cool." Prior to Durant opting to join the Warriors, both he and Westbrook made it known that they would remain friends regardless of whatever choice Durant ended up making.

Russell Westbrook was asked about Kevin Durant's impending free agency following the Thunder's elimination from the playoffs.

Kevin Durant when asked about his friendship with Russell Westbrook at his Warriors announcement press conference.

Russell Westbrook finally gave his response following when the team announced that he signed an extension.

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