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Andre Ward Responds To Kovalev's F**k Him Comment."We're Not Friends,We're Getting

As reported here on HoopJab, following the Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward announcement press conference, Sergey was very unhappy with Ward. According to Kovalev before the presser started he tried to greet Ward and he didn't receive a response in return, which infuriated the Russian unified champion.

"I respect him as a fighter and a person but I didn't like our confrontation this morning." Said Kovalev to Boxing Scene. "He's a great fighter but I will show him no respect inside the ropes. When I saw him this morning I said hi, and he did't say nothing so f**k him. I will do all I can in the ring to kick his ass in November."

Today Boxing Scene received a response from Andre Ward.

"We saw each other after my last fight and we just saw each other pass in the hallway today. He can kick it off now. I don't know what he's talking about but if that's how he wants to motivate himself, cool. But we're not cool. We're not friends or buddies. We're getting ready to fight."

Both Ward & Kovalev are on record stating that they both indeed respect one another, and Ward believes this may be Kovalev's way to hype himself up more in the lead up to the biggest fight of his career.

"There's a mutual respect" Ward told Boxing Scene. "We passed each other in the halfway. I gave him a head nod and I felt like he gave me one too. I'm not going to shake his hand, not sure what he was expecting. But you know how it is, guys need to find a way to motivate them, not sure what he was expecting."

As far as how things will play out inside the ring Ward feels that he will have the advantage.

"Most European fighters aren't trained on the inside, not saying they can't learn. They like range and want you on the end of your punches. I haven't seen too many European fighters with an educated inside game."

"It's the biggest fight I ever had but I been in this situation before and my experience has prepared me for this moment. I embrace these moments, I know it's not going to be easy but I'm not going to be denied."

Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward takes place on November 19th live on HBO PPV from the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

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