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Stephen Curry Applauds Colin Kaepernick For Standing Up For African Americans.

San Francisco 49er's Quarterback Colin Kaepernick sparked a nationwide debate when he chose to sit down while the National Anthem was being played during an NFL Pre-season game,Kaepernick stated that he is protesting the way that African Americans and other minorities are unfairly treated in America, he doesn't plan on standing for the anthem until it represents what it's supposed to said Kaepernick.

Many current and former athletes have spoken out on Kapernick's decision, some for and some against, even President Barack Obama weighed in. However, most recently it was the 2015-16 unanimous MVP Stephen Curry who decided to share his take on the matter as well as throw his support behind Kaepernick.

"I love that there's freedom of speech and that he can stand for what he believes in, there's gonna be people that disagree with him, there's gonna be people that agree with him, that's what I think this country stands for. Hopefully it will drive the conversation to equal rights and treatment of African Americans and people of color."

" The fact that he's putting his money where his mouth is and donating one million dollars to find ways to make his message a reality. I hope that all resources, conversations and intellect across the country will figure out how to make the one million dollars as powerful as it can be, he's on the right track." Stephen Curry CNBC

Since Kaepernick's silent protest began his jersey has become the best selling piece of merchandise in the NFL.

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