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Darren Collison Accepts Guilty Plea Deal In Domestic Violence Case. No Jail Time

Darren Collison plead guilty this morning to one count of misdemeanor domestic violence. Collison reached a plea agreement that will see him serve a 20 day sentence in an Alternative Sentencing Program, where he will work on community service projects overseen by Placer County.

Collison was also sentenced to three years of informal probation and is required to attend a 52 week batterer treatment class, which is mandatory by the state of California in all violent domestic abuse convictions.

"Words cannot describe the feelings and regret that I have been experiencing the last few months, my family and I found ourselves in such an unfamiliar situation and it has been a difficult few months. This is far from who I am as a person and not something I am proud of. I take full responsibility for my actions. I have apologized to my beautiful wife that I have known and loved since high school. I appreciate and am thankful for the love and understanding from my family, friends, and supporters. Now it is time to put this behind us and move forward." said Collison in a statement.

The Sacremento Kings also released a statement. "Domestic violence is a serious issue across our nation and one that runs contrary to our organization's values. We're disappointed by Darren's behavior and today he accepted full responsibility for his actions. He is committed to using this incident to help raise awareness through education of this critical issue in the community. We're working with Darren and the NBA on the appropriate next steps."

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