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Marcos Maidana Officially Retires From Boxing

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The Chinese maidana official retirement Friends of boxing: After a long time outside the ring and thinking about it a lot since my last fight, I've decided to hang up the gloves. Surely, my decision will cause not much of a surprise, because somehow I already came forward in the last few months. But today, the intention is officiated.

First of all, I must say that I am going the boxing very proud and deeply grateful to this sport for everything you've achieved. Never dreamed I'd get so far away when I fit the gloves for the first time, when I was 15 years old, in my margarita natal. I think I have made up the name of Argentina in the world after having won two world titles, winning and losing, but always in the best.

I've had a very tough race and I've met several of my dreams. I am a very happy man, next to my family and friends. I know that many people think that I still have things to do, you fight for give. And I respect them. It is something that also has given me around in my head for the last few months. But only one that knows what they mean challenges as important as what I've always had maybe I can understand that in order to confront them one must be fully motivated and biased. Only through a huge effort, physical and mental, can one get into a ring with the best in the world if what is intended is to win. And I've always wanted to win. Today I don't have the motivation, the sacred fire that is needed. And that's why I announce my retirement. At the moment in which the mentally review my career I want to thank all those who had to do with that my career was successful.

My discoverer, Ricardo Linari. To one of my first coaches, Ricardo Ferreiro. The two of them were the first to have me faith when I was a only a teenager. To my cousin "pool", which was always, in the good and the bad. To Sebastian Contursi, my advisor, who advised me in my first steps international and knew how to take me to the most high. My last coach, Robert Garcia, who knew I transform to fight of equals with the best. Important to other coaches that I had, as Rudy Perez and Rafael Liendo. To my personal trainers, Raul Robles, Cruz "Pensa" Garcia, Alex Ariza and cicilio flowers.

Dr. Walter Quintero, who was always to me to me and to my family. Don Gilberto and Gilberto Jesus Mendoza and the world Boxing Association (WBA), for always believing in me.

To my sponsors and friends, Hugo Basilotta, Hector "Etín" Ponce, Marcelo Rossini, Leonel Duarte, Jorge Pablo Brito, who bet for me in a country like ours, where unfortunately the companies don't usually support too the boxing. To the promotoras universum and golden boy promotions, for giving me the opportunity to show the world.

Al Haymon, which was a fundamental pillar in the last stretch of my career. To my parents, Olga and amerigo. To my wife Mariana. To my children, nahuel and Emilia. To all of them, thank you for giving me so much bancado. Finally, to my dear fans and fans, who always encouraged me from their homes or in the stadiums where I fought. I'll never forget that cry of "Chi-Chi-Nooooo, nooooo"! Now beginning a new phase, in which I am still bound to the boxing, advising and giving my unconditional support to the "team maidana", with the aim of that new generations of boxers get high in their careers. We'll be there, next to the champion Jesus Cuellar. Next to the new great values like Brian Brown, my brother Fabian Maidana, Alan Brown, that they're on the track internationally. With Javier Maciel. Also next to the kids, like most new Neri Romero and Luis Verón. And, surely, along with many others who will be added to our challenge. The aim now is that they all take the baton.

Marcos "Chinese" Maidana

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