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Tyson Fury Announces That He's Gay?

WBA & WBO Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury sent out a tweet today saying "Would like to come out I'm gay." Since it's Tyson Fury that we are talking about no one but him can answer whether or not he is actually serious, and is indeed a gay man. However, Fury is married to a woman who just this week gave birth to his son Prince Tyson Fury.

Fury has said extremely wild things in past interviews, that would leave one scratching their head as to whether or not he could possibly indeed be gay, or is he just continuing to portray the Tyson Fury character that people have come to love and or hate.

In an interview with IFL TV Fury said the following about his fellow Heavyweight Champions Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua. "I don't want their belts, but I'll let em fight me, I'll bend em over and boom! Split them down the middle with this long d*ck. Id rate Wilder over Joshua. Wilder's my man, til I get hold of him,then he's gonna be my bitch."

Deontay Wilder responded " A guy from TMZ was telling me that Fury was using all of these sexual slurs. He was really showing his true colors. He was coming out of the closet, he was. Nothing nothing wrong with someone liking the same gender. He was trying to say it without really saying it. He was using boxing terms that he wanted to have sex with me. No thank you Fury. I don't take offense to nothing. It's part of the business, it's part of promoting." Wilder said.

Anthony Joshua also responded in an interview with Seconds Out, "Pause, it has to go in one ear and out the other one, I can't let it eat me up, and let it do anything to me really, because those types of comments are so irrelevant. It's good that we have got Tyson Fury in the game, and we need him. I am glad that he is here, and I am not shy to say that, we need someone like Tyson Fury. I enjoy the talk, because in his own way he adds a bit of spice to the pot, and with all of us we are making the ingredients to bring boxing back to the good days. It's boxing gold once again,and in a pot of gold you need different elements, to make it what it is. Tyson Fury is a good player so please keep on talking but it all falls on deaf ears."

Fury was scheduled to have his rematch against Wladmir Klitschko on July 16th in Manchester, however Fury was forced to pull out due to a foot injury. The fight will now take place sometime in the fall.

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