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Tim Duncan's Letter To San Antonio Spurs Fans.

Recently retired Hall Of Fame bound legend Tim Duncan penned a letter thanking the fans of San Antonio for all the love & support they showed over his historic 19 year career.

"If asked to write a script for my career 19 years ago, there is no way I would've been able to dream up this journey.

I stand here at the end of this ride and look back in awe of what I've experienced.

The wins and losses will be remembered, but what I'll remember most are the people:

The fans inside the arena and out, the staff and coaches who pushed me and held me together, the teammates (and even opponents) who will be lifelong friends,sharing my ups and downs with family and close friends, and, most importantly, the snapshots of my kids growing up and reveling in watching Dad work.

That is what I will cherish the most. Thank you to the city of San Antonio for the love and the support over these years.

Thank you to all the fans all over the world."

Much Love Always,


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