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Stephen Curry retains No. 1 spot on NBA’s most popular jerseys list

NEW YORK – Unprecedented demand for Cleveland Cavaliers merchandise following the team’s NBA Finals 2016 win helped land them atop the most popular team merchandise list for the first time since January 2015. Reigning back-to-back Kia NBA MVP Stephen Curry once again tops the league’s list of most popular jerseys, a position he’s held since the end of the 2014-15 NBA season. Rankings are based on overall sales on from April through June.

Rounding out the top five players are three-time NBA Champion LeBron James (No. 2), five-time NBA Champion Kobe Bryant (No. 3), 2016 NBA Champion Kyrie Irving (No. 4) and 2015 NBA Champion Klay Thompson (No. 5).

The Cavaliers are followed by the Golden State Warriors at No. 2, Los Angeles Lakers at No. 3, Chicago Bulls at No. 4 and Oklahoma City Thunder at No. 5 on the team merchandise list.

Additional highlights:

• The Warriors’ Andre Iguodala (No. 14) makes his debut on the jerseys list while teammate Draymond Green (No. 7) earns his highest ranking ever.

• The San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan (No. 11) and Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard (No. 13) place for the first time since June 2015 and April 2015, respectively.

Top 15 Most Popular NBA Jerseys:

  1. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

  2. LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

  3. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers*

  4. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers

  5. Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

  6. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

  7. Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors

  8. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

  9. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs

  10. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls*

  11. Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs

  12. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

  13. Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers

  14. Andre Iguodala, Golden State Warriors

  15. Kristaps Porzingis, New York Knicks

*Denotes players who retired or changed teams after the 2015-16 season.

Top 10 Most Popular Team Merchandise:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers

  2. Golden State Warriors

  3. Los Angeles Lakers

  4. Chicago Bulls

  5. Oklahoma City Thunder

  6. San Antonio Spurs

  7. Miami Heat

  8. Toronto Raptors

  9. New York Knicks

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