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Kevin Durant "Blown Away" by LA Clippers Proposal.

Earlier today the Los Angeles Clippers were able to meet with Oklahoma Thunder Superstar Forward Kevin Durant. The former league MVP along with his representation met with Head Coach Doc Rivers, the owner Steve Ballmer, and the Clippers 3 All Star's Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan. Sources close to those involved in the four hour meeting have reported that Kevin Durant was "blown away" by what the Clippers were proposing. The Clippers have been on the search for the right small forward to go along with Paul,Griffin, & Jordan for some time now, and if they were some how able to land Kevin Durant, they would have to be looked at as the favorites to win the NBA title.

Tomorrow Kevin Durant is set to have meetings with the San Antonio Spurs, and the Boston Celtics. While OKC still remain the favorites to re-sign Durant, it appears that the Clippers are in a very close second.

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