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Warriors vs Thunder WCF Game 7 Preview

The Golden State Warriors have forced a Game 7 in Oakland on Monday night after beating the Thunder 108-101 in Oklahoma City. Klay Thompson had a historical night hitting 11 three's, a playoff record, en route to a 41 point evening. The Warriors pulled off a monumental comeback to steal game 6, and what should have been the close out game for the Thunder in their home arena. The Thunder had been winning the entire game, but as hard as they tried to kick the Warriors to the curb and blow the game open, the defending champions stayed nice and close. Then, the third quarter and Klay Thompson going ballistic happened. We are used to Klay Thompson just turning his game up to a whole different level on occasion: rewind to his 37 point quarter against the Sacramento Kings. In game 6, Klay Thompson didn’t quite have 37 in the quarter, but his 19 points can be argued as being the reason the Golden State Warriors ended up squeaking out the needed-win.

Although Klay deservedly so got the first headline from the game, we finally saw the league’s MVP show that the critics calling him out for not playing like the league's most valuable player have been reaching hard for a story. It was fair for us to call out Curry for his play this whole series, especially having the title of the first “unanimous MVP” always looming over him now. But Curry was something special in the late part of the game last night, scoring the last couple baskets to seal the deal. The Splash Bro’s seem to be back to their usual play, and it is once again coming at a perfect time. The Thunder had a 3-1 lead and appeared to have figured out that being physical with Curry at all times, and not letting them get second or third opportunities to score was the key to solving the Warriors puzzle. But the past two games, OKC fell victim to their usual criticism of “hero ball” that KD and Westbrook fall into bad habits of doing. In comparing the two stars of each team in game 6: The Splash Bro’s combined for 72 points and tallying 17-31 from behind the arc. KD and Russell Westbrook combined for 57 points but had a poor shooting night only hitting 20-58 field goals and 1-13 from three. It has been a series defined by whichever duo was more effective and efficient being the winner of the game. And for the past two games the Warriors have been the more effective backcourt.

The series now goes back to The Bay for the final time, as these two teams will meet in game 7 on Monday night. If you look at the series just from how many games each team has won, both the Thunder and the Warriors should have a great shot at winning, and they do. But that game 6 loss that the Thunder just suffered I believe was the knockout punch in the gut that they were hoping they could avoid from “Dub City” this series. It’s hard to imagine that the Warriors will lose another game at home, especially in how crucial this game is. They know how to handle themselves in this situation, and they are full of confidence now as their two ballers; Curry and Thompson, are firing on all cylinders together again. If the Thunder have any chance tomorrow night, it is going to have to revolve around Westbrook not taking upwards of 10 wild and contested shots. They will also not need KD turning the ball over 4 or so times in very crucial moments of the game. They have done it, so they are capable of it, but I think we will be seeing the Warriors dance under the gold and blue confetti at the end of the night as they move on the to the NBA Finals to face a familiar face: LeBron and the Cavs. Oh boy.

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