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76er's win 2016 draft lottery; who should they pick? NBA News

Drew Zlogar (@drewzlogar21)

The Philadelphia 76ers are the 2016 Draft Lottery winners. The franchise that went 10-72 this past season were banking on winning the lottery way back in December when they were already 30 games under .500, and their dream came true. They will be picking first overall in the draft since 1996, when they last had the top selection when they took Allen Iverson. The complete order of the NBA Draft Lottery goes as follows: (14) Chicago Bulls, (13) Phoenix Suns via Washington, (12) Utah Jazz, (11) Orlando Magic, (10) Milwaukee Bucks, (9) Toronto Raptors via NY Knicks, (8) Sacramento Kings, (7) Denver Nuggets, (6) New Orleans Pelicans, (5) Minnesota Timberwolves, (4) Phoenix Suns, (3) Boston Celtics, (2) Los Angeles Lakers, (1) Philadelphia 76ers.

So the big mystery regarding which two teams would have the luxury of picking Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram is over. Lakers and 76ers fans, you can now rejoice; your incredibly poor seasons have been worth something after all. For you Celtics fans out there, do not be surprised if you see your team flip that pick for something that they find more useful. After the top two picks, the talent level goes way down in regards to franchise building players, so for Boston which is only a couple of stars away from being great in the Eastern Conference, they might trade that 3rd overall pick for someone that can come in and play a big role and maybe attract a superstar along with him.

Like I said in my article I wrote before the lottery, I believe that Ingram should be the pick for the 76ers, and Simmons for the Lakers. With all the centers that Philly has, I think bringing in Ingram who is 6’9 but has a talent of a long 2 guard would mesh well with the size down low. Simmons in L.A. just makes sense. He attracts the bright lights, and he’s a lefty. Los Angeles is home to stars in the sports world and beyond, so for a kid who has been the topic of discussion since he was a high schooler, he would fit right in. He will be the third lefty to that young Lakers core to go along with Russell and Randle and his unique playmaking skills for his legit 6’10 frame brings hope to the Laker faithful. Oh, and by the way Lakers fans: you no longer have a 60 million dollar contract to worry about now that Kobe retired, so you have plenty of cap space to go out and sign a big time name.

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