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Cleveland Cavaliers remain undefeated this post season. NBA News

Drew Zlogar (@drewzlogar21)


It only took the Cleveland Cavaliers four games to get to the Eastern Conference Finals; the second to last stop on the journey that LeBron James and company want to be making this season. The rematch of last years ECF between the Atlanta Hawks and the boys from Cleveland was far from a fair contest, as Cleveland completed the clean sweep on Mother’s Day in Atlanta, 100-99.

LeBron James wasn’t the main scorer on Sunday only scoring 21 points, however his two biggest points came on the game-winning and series-clinching, patented step back that we all know and love (or hate) about him. James took the ball on the right wing, sized up Paul Millsap, then made a couple of jab-step moves and stuck a fading away jump shot to seal the deal. The bucket signified his two most important points of the day, and they came at the most-clutch moment.

LeBron was not alone however. Him and his Cavaliers teammates shot a historic rate from three, hitting 77 shots behind the arc through the 4 games against ATL. On Sunday, Kevin Love stepped up in a big way hitting 8 trey balls en route to 27 points as well as grabbing 13 rebounds. Kyrie Irving did his part as well this series averaging just about 25 points per contest, as well as shooting 56% from the arc. The Cavaliers look very strong and deep as they are getting great contributions from guys from the bench like Channing Frye, and Richard Jefferson.

It might not be a surprise to anybody that the Cavaliers got the job done against Atlanta, but in the easy fashion that they did it, it should be exciting for the Cleveland faithful. A well-rested and in the groove Cavaliers squad going into the East Finals will be troubling for either Toronto or Miami who are battling out for the other spot in the ECF to handle. As expected, it looks like it will be Cleveland representing the Eastern Conference this season in the NBA Finals barring a monumental upset, and as we watch the four teams in the West continue to compete in physically and mentally grueling series’, we can’t help but to think that with how hot the Cavaliers are this postseason, they might be in the driver’s seat. What a historic finish to this season it would be for the Cavaliers and LeBron James winning the title, in a year where the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs set league records this regular season.

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