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Kawhi Leonard wins 2nd straight Defensive player of the year award.

For the second straight year, Kawhi Leonard has won the Defensive Player of the Year in the NBA. It is now back to back crowns for the once first rounder in 2011, now turned superstar for San Antonio. Leonard beat out Golden State Warriors’ triple double machine Draymond Green for the second straight year, and it has raised some of the associations finest raise their eyebrows.

Is Draymond Green being snubbed from the award? Arguably the defending champs (Warriors) second most valuable player in their historic season, only losing nine times, was over 100 points behind Leonard in DPOY voting by analysts around the league. His 44 first place votes was second to Leonard's 84, and it has some people wondering if the league was too quick to give Kawhi Leonard the prestigious award


I am here to quiet all you doubters and skeptics and to assure you that Kawhi is THAT good on defense. The elite ball-hawk was the centerpiece to the Spurs success so far this season, ending the pre-playoff campaign with a record of 67-15 which was second best in the league. The Spurs led the league in opposing points per game (92.9) and defensive rating (96.6) and with Leonard on the floor they actually had a rating (94.9) which is four points lower than how they did when he was not on the floor (99.2). Leonard also was averaging nearly 2 steals and a block a contest which was near the top of the league leaders as well.

As we are now fully invested in playoff ball, it will be interesting to see how the Spurs and Warriors do, as most people see them meeting eventually in the Finals for the West. We can only hope that they do matchup against each other, to prove once and for all where that crown should be housed.

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