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Moment of Truth: Errol Spence Jr. vs Chris Algieri

Boxing by nature is a harsh sport, sometimes fatally and sometimes spiritually harsh. With these realities being taken into account, it makes it that much sweeter when a fighter can bask in the glory of triumph. On April 16th we will see a pair of fighters square off who are in different stages of their boxing careers.

Chris Algieri (21-2, 8 KO's) has shared the ring with notable names such as Manny Pacquiao, Ruslan Provodnikov & Amir Khan. When he steps in the ring with Texas native Errol Spence Jr (19-0, 16 KO's) he will be tested yet again in a boxing career that has been an uphill battle for success.

This fight will mark the 3rd one between Chris Algieri and his trainer John David Jackson. Thus far Chris is (1-1) under Jackson with his one loss coming in a very productive showing against welterweight standout Amir Khan. Through the process of this partnership we have seen a more fine tuned Algieri and someone who can compete with the world class welterweights as we saw in the Amir Khan fight.

"Algieri is going to win a lot of fights people thought he couldn't win" said John David Jackson. In the eyes of many this fight against Spence will be labeled as a fight he can't win. Spence comes into this fight heavily untested and is making a huge step up in his career. So the pressure is more so on him than Algieri as his ceiling as a fighter is notches above what Algieri's is.

At first glance Spence looks like the best body puncher currently fighting in the welterweight division. Many would say he's fought nothing but human punching bags which is why he's looked so great. Spence and his very well documented body punching will be heavily put to the test against a fighter who is at an A-level in terms of his fitness and movement so if Errol can look good going to the body in this fight then it's likely to be the case in many others.

Fight night is going to reveal a ton about these fighters and a lot is on the line. If Errol Spence happens to lose this he will be viewed as another overrated prospect who never fulfilled his potential. For Algieri he'll most likely inch closer to his role as a gatekeeper in the welterweight division.

I believe Errol Spence takes this fight due to his body punching ability. For as great as Chris has become under John David Jackson, I just don't see him being able to keep Spence at bay with any power he's bringing to the table. Algieri's best bet is to stay on the outside and take him into the deeper rounds o test his conditioning.

Regardless of what happens we will get more clarity in the welterweight division and if the stars align the right way maybe even a great fight.

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