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How LeBron's new dream team could actually come to fruition.

Imagine This Dream Team LeBron James Wants

LeBron James has been the Association's best player for more than a decade breaking countless all-time records, steadily climbing to the top of the ladder in most points in history, and continuing to bring his team to the Finals. He is at a point in his career where he will be demanding the maximum salary every year, and it's well deserved. However, King James has come out to say that he would in fact “take a pay cut” to be able to play with his longtime friends in the league; Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Dwayne Wade before one of them retired.

Four of the league’s best players for over a decade collaborating for the same team? I think we just found a team that would be able to handle the Warriors. We all know what happened when Wade and James came together for those fun seasons down in South Beach, winning back-to-back titles in ‘12-’13. Now add the talent of ‘Melo, who in his career is averaging 25 ppg and grabbing just about 7 rpg, and Chris Paul who has been a top Point Guard since the day he became a professional, averaging about 19 ppg while dishing out 10 apg. Even the likes of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and the rest of the Warriors squad (defending champions) would have trouble with who to focus on guarding.

How could this “Dream Team” work you might ask? There are too many stars, right? ‘Melo is a ball hog who doesn't play defense, and Dwayne Wade is getting older day-by-day and won’t be the first player to defy ‘Father Time’.

The answer is simply LeBron James. We have experienced greatness by James since he’s come into the league in 2003 and have witnessed (not speaking on the trademark) his sheer dominance on both sides of the ball. But two of his best traits are his passing abilities and his leadership. James, who earlier this season set the all-time record for Forwards in the NBA for assists, has increased his total to 6764, and is 18th all-time for all positions. His tally has him 3rd in active players behind Andre Miller, and yes-hypothetical “Dream Team” teammate Chris Paul. Since James is so unselfish, there wouldn’t be any bad blood with these all-stars on the court at the same time. James has shown us that he can win with anybody around him because of his leadership and selflessness

play style.

It would be interesting to see if the rest of LeBron’s crew would be willing to take a pay cut since they are all around maximum money players, but if they are that interested in teaming up for a season or two before they hang up their shoes, we would see some incredible basketball.

Drew Zlogar- @drewzlogar21

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