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Kyrie Irving wants OUT of Cleveland says Stephen A. Smith

ESPN'S Stephen A. Smtih dropped a bombshell this morning on First Take in regards to Cleveland Cavalier

point guard Kyrie Irving reportedly wanting out of Cleveland.

Cavalier fans will not like at all what Smith is reporting but where there is smoke there is fire.

"Dating back to last year, i've been told that Kyrie Iving ain't too happy being in Cleveland", Smith stated on First Take this morning." The situation is not ideal for him. I don't know the particulars, I haven't spoken to him personally. It's something that I've been hearing for months; that under ideal circumstances he would prefer to be someplace other than Cleveland."

Could Irving be at odds with LeBron again? Is he not feeling the hiring of Tyronn Lue? Only time will tell. In 2014 Irving signed a 5 year max contract with the Cavs, so the only way he can leave anytime soon would be via a trade.

Kyrie Irving is averaging 18.9 pts, 2.8 reb, & 4.3 ast. a game this season, the Cavaliers sit atop the Eastern Conference at 41-17.

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